About Us

We are now proud to say we can print in two types of printing mediums whether you need a rapid prototype for a low cost or a fully detailed resin finish, We can now do that for you.


Offering discounts on small to large scale volume orders and welcome to partnering up long term for supplying great quality finished products for your business.


email us your 3D files for a fast free quote!  

Where do I find things to print? 

Thingiverse.com is a huge online repository of 3D files for anything and everything you can think of. Pokemon chess set? It's there. Dyson vacuum wall mount? It's there. DIY Lego-style blocks? Yep. 

When you're ready to create your own designs, there are a ton of software packages to choose from, but it's easiest to start with the browser-based free TinkerCad app from Autodesk. 

Once you've found a part you want printing send it to us for a fast free quote, It really is as simple as that!



  • When intricate details and/or a very smooth surface finish is crucial

  • For creating molds for casting to facilitate mass-production (e.g. by jewelry or toy makers)


Fused DepositionModeling

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Building low-cost models

  • Great for hobbyists and makers

  • When precision and surface finish isn’t crucial